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CFF Review: Meghan Leon and Brad Baruh’s ‘Night Drive’

Meghan Leon and Brad Baruh’s “Night Drive” is a darkly humorous thriller that draws you in with it’s characters along with presenting some interesting questions before bringing it all together in an absurd final act with a creative and unsuspecting twist. There’s some solid cinematography, especially in the driving shots, and great performances elevated by the excellent chemistry between the […]

CFF Review: Youssef Chebbi and Ismaël’s ‘Black Medusa’

Youssef Chebbi and Ismaël’s “Black Medusa” is a rape-revenge saga of sorts, following a “promising young Tunisian woman” named Nada who picks up drunk, horny scumbags nightly and agrees to come home with them where she drugs them before sexually defiling their bodies. It’s just as brutal as it sounds, even more so when you factor in the eerie black […]

CFF Review: Caleb Michael Johnson’s ‘The Carnivores’

A guide on how not to act when your dog goes missing? Caleb Michael Johnson’s “The Carnivores” is a film that’ll have you questioning nearly every single character motivation in sight, cringing in disbelief at some of the things the things they willingly do without question, and ultimately wondering what it was all for by the time the credits roll.  […]

CFF Review: Baptiste Drapeau’s ‘The Lodger’ (‘Messe Basse’)

Baptiste Drapeau’s “The Lodger” is a romantic horror film featuring one of the most captivating and haunting love triangles in cinematic history, that manages to feel like a romantic fantasy while remaining impressively grounded throughout it’s ninety-two minute runtime. A young nursing student named Julie is starting school in Bordeaux, France where she rents a room from a strange but […]

CFF Review: Ted Stenson’s ‘Events Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game’

If you’re interested in a nostalgia-soaked comedy that’s a literal slice of high school life (or even if you’re not), then Ted Stenson’s “Events Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game” is absolutely a perfect film for you! Set in 1999 Calgary, the story follows multiple storylines involving a wide variety of high school students that are […]

Review: Son (2021)

The horrors of being a parent have been shown in horror films throughout the years and Ivan Kavanaugh’s “Son” is the newest film to showcase the great lengths a parent will go through to save their child, even if the child does seem to be a demon. Andi Matichak plays a mother, Laura, whose son, Paul, falls ill after an […]