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Void Video is a podcast born from a love of cinema and the “have you seen?” conversations that come along with that. Your hosts Evan Jordan and Nick Schneider, who got into movies in very different ways, come together each week to talk about films they love. Birthed from a hunger for good discussion and a longing for the hidden gem discoveries of video store yesteryear, Void Video is your weekly “staff picks shelf” of sorts where you can come to find the recommendations you might’ve missed or rediscover a cult classic.


We love so many movies and have so much to say though, that the podcast alone won’t fulfill our thirst for discussing independent film so we created this website in order to expand the scope of what we’re able to accomplish. We aim to continue broadening this scope until we’re able to expand into more podcasts, more writers, a full line of video content, on-the-ground film festival coverage, video game coverage, and so much more. So step through the portal and have a look around!