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Fantastic Fest Review: Sarah Appleton and Phillip Escot’s ‘The Found Footage Phenomenon’

Unmatched in their authenticity when executed well, found footage films have become a staple in the horror genre over the last few decades. Sarah Appleton and Phillip Escot’s new feature length documentary The Found Footage Phenomenon aims to catalog the life of this fascinating subgenre through an exploration of how it achieved it’s many successes and tracing the origins dating […]

CFF Review: Adam Brooks’ ‘Cliff: Portrait of an Artist’

Adam Brooks’ “Cliff: A Portrait of an Artist” is an extremely personal and emotional look at the life of Canadian artist Cliff Eyland; it provides insight into his beliefs, artwork, personal life, family history, and a life-altering double lung transplant he was forced to endure due to a rare lung condition. Cliff is a disarmingly honest person who shares his views […]