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Fantastic Fest Review: Renata Pinheiro’s ‘King Car’

A slew of well framed establishing shots linger on screen as the opening credits of Renata Pinheiro’s science fiction drama King Car flash across them, giving the viewer a vivid glimpse of the humble yet vast Brazilian city where the story takes place. Introduced to the main character via his birth in the backseat of a taxi owned by his […]

CFF Review: Peter Collins Campbell’s ‘DimLand’

Peter Collins Campbell’s darkly magical romantic drama “DimLand” is an absolutely remarkable film that whisks the viewer away to a cabin in the woods alongside a young woman named Brynn and her boyfriend Laika, who are looking to escape their lives for a little while. Little do they know that shortly after arriving they’ll encounter a mysterious stranger from Brynn’s […]

CFF Review: Robert G. Putka’s ‘Mister Limbo’

A meandering yet meaningful exploration of what it means to be “a good person” in a world filled with so much moral grey area, Robert G. Putka’s “Mister Limbo” is a heartfelt mumblecore dramedy set in a surreal desert wasteland. Though it’s setting is fairly fantastical it doesn’t rely on visual effects or lean too heavily on the gimmick of […]

CFF Review: Ted Stenson’s ‘Events Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game’

If you’re interested in a nostalgia-soaked comedy that’s a literal slice of high school life (or even if you’re not), then Ted Stenson’s “Events Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game” is absolutely a perfect film for you! Set in 1999 Calgary, the story follows multiple storylines involving a wide variety of high school students that are […]