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Popcorn Frights Review & Interview: ‘Saint Drogo’ Masterfully Explores Dying Love and The Eldritch Unknown

This will function as both as a review of the great film Saint Drogo and a polemic against an often straight, cis-enforced marketability for queer art. When queer art is forced to perform queerness instead of simply being queer, then it runs the risk of performing the gaze, narrow representation, and simplification of queer life and priorities. Why do I […]

Popcorn Frights Review: ‘Psychosis’ Takes A Rough Trip Into The Hypnotic Mind

Pirie Martin’s Psychosis is an interesting debut feature that is shot in black and white, featuring a haunting narration that brings viewers inside the main character’s mind. We are taken on a drug-fueled ride into the seedy underbelly of a world full of crime and hypnotism. There’s an interesting story with visuals to match here that, unfortunately, does get lost […]